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"Crucial First Few Minutes"

First impression do count, especially when you are facing an interview. Many studies confirm this belief that hiring managers know whether they will hire a candidate after a few minutes of interaction. A recent survey conducted by Robert Half Finance & Accounting, world’s largest specialized financial recruitment service, also emphasized this very fact. It is therefore important that you prepare yourself well for these crucial first few minutes.
So what all a candidate should keep in mind to create a favourable first impression-

  • Punctuality

 Punctuality is still one of the most impressive impression creators. It is always better to keep some buffer time to compensate for  slow elevators, traffic and parking woes. Arriving early than the scheduled time helps to relax your mind and getting in the right frame of mind.

  • Dress comfortably

  A well groomed look is not a choice but a necessary pre-condition. A formal dress code is preferable even if the company allows casuals at the workplace, as it conveys a more professional look and attitude

  • Body Language

Your body language can make or break your chances at the interview. A firm hand shake, making eye contact when you are speaking, standing straight, and speaking confidently, never go unnoticed. All these actions project a confident and positive disposition.

  • Be prepared for the expected questions

Study about the company background and if possible talk to employees who have gone through the process. Carefully prepare the expected questions such as-
 Tell us something about yourself?
  What do you know about our firm?
   Why do you want to work with our firm?

  • Impressive resume

Make sure that you have an impressive resume that is short, crisp and highlights all your positive attributes and skills. Your resume is a document that describes your qualifications and experience in a nutshell. Make sure it is neatly articulated and without any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. It is the first thing that the interviewer asks for and is often one of the most important things that help him to make his decision.

Every candidate is nervous during the interview but the sign of a successful candidate is that he or she exudes confidence and is positive in spite of the nervousness he or she is experiencing. As a potential candidate, you should treat the interview as a learning process where you are honing your skills. With experience you will master this art.