English Plus

The course is meant for “a fresher’s complete guide to learn Englishcommunication along with all the attributes to get a job-ready training”. The course encapsulates all the possible dimensions needed to hone the soft skills of a yet to be employed candidate. The course is a perfect option for all those job aspirants looking for a career break in the corporate industry.


1. Communicative English  


Make the beginners aware of English Communications.

A module intended to spruse up the learners' English communication skill.

2. Communicative Grammar


Make them get rid of Gramatical Flaws while speaking.

The substantial knowledge-building moduleon all the gramatical facets that is required to support your communication skill in English.

3. Communicative Vocabulary


Supply a store house of new and affordable words.

A comprehensive resource guide to furnish vocabulary skill.

4. Communicative Personality


Groom and Develop your personae

A well appraised course for an overall professional development and personal upgradation.

5. Corporate English


Make them acustomed with today's Corporate Culture.

The module comprises the disciplines needed to get an entryin the Corporate & Business orbit.

6. Basic Computer


Make them keyboard savvy and literate in basics of computer.

The module includes lessons on introductory skills of computer application.


Course Duration

10 months.