Even high distinction bachelor ' s or post graduate degree may not help in getting a job immediately as employers are searching for billable talent that can be directly deployed on projects. That means, everything matter ss-not  just technical and academic abilities, but also the talking style communication skills, cognitive and behavioral assessments interpersonal skills, body language and sociability factor. The Western concept of Finishing School is fast catching up in India . These Finishing Schools or supplementary training schools attempts to make-up for deficiencies in the Indian secondary education system and Colleges and offer certificate courses in executive excellence, targeting graduates from different fields, filling their soft skill gaps and groom them to industry expected standards. According to the reports of Nasscom and Dun and Bradstreet, the US-based provider of graduates in India , most of today’s undergraduate and graduates are unemployable and the IT, ITES, and other industries in India would face a shortage of 500,000 skilled employees by 2010


Language Programes

Schools and colleges are seeing a rapid change with their curriculum incorporating a few periods for spoken English and Call Centre Training. Popularly known as Language programs, over 500 reputed education institutions have introduced in their time-table, language laboratories and programs for students of various grades. It’s rather tough for an average Indian student with multiple degree certificates to take on the world,if he/she is not proficient with conversational English. Franklyn is the first institution in the city tointroduce the School and College Language and Call Centre Training programs. The concept is to learn the language just like one's mother tongue. “An average Indian job entrant is technically competent but lacks communication skills. Till date, Franklyn has trained over 15,000 students”. It’s a better-late-than-never situation for schools and colleges.



The Objective of this Course shall be to generate maximum number of employable students after the completion of the course. Moreover, this course will make the students employable for the Call Centre industry and other entry level jobs.




At the end of the course UNO Workforce would provide placement opportunities to the students in form of On Campus & off Campus interviews. These placement opportunities will boost the confidence of the candidate and give him the required experience of the practical Job market.